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December 30, 2004

"Every summer Lin Kong returned

"Every summer Lin Kong returned to Goose Village to divorce his wife, Shuyu."

Ha Jin: Waiting

Silkeborg Kunstmuseum

The Danish COBRA artist Asger Jorn has collected art, first for himself, then for his hometown Silkeborg. The resulting museum is different. Not first-rate in any artsy-fartsy tourist guide sense, but a lot of interesting 20th century pieces selected from the point of view of a practitioner.


Uuuh. Painting, indeed. Nina Kluth.

Ute Wassermann

Housemate in the early Eighties - on inscrutable paths, then, that seem to have led her into the barren realm of improvised music

(Ah, and here is Vilém.)

Wet Dreams

"I deal with second-hand images and first-hand experiences"


Marina Abramovic & Frank Uwe Laysiepen (Ulay): The Lovers

December 26, 2004


Vieles, was ich eigentlich hier im Weblog machen wollte, findet mittlerweile in meinem Furl-Archiv statt. Immerhin kann man meine jüngsten Furl-Einträge jetzt rechts einsehen. Ich empfehle, dort gelegentlich vorbeizuschauen.

Childhood Home

The "Fairy Castle"
Originally uploaded by lorenzlm.
The big maple tree to the left of the house is going to be felled this winter, because with every storm it threatens to fall on the house. I cannot bring myself to do it, yet - to give the order to kill this magnificent plant.

December 24, 2004

Year-End Issue

Celebrating the favorites: Boing Boing, Metafilter, A Fistful of Euros, Crooked Timber, Brad de Long's Semi-Daily, Beyond the Beyond

Lost and Found

She translated the first chapters for me. Through Skype and across the Globe, the story of a young female journalist visiting the Holy Land, a love story strangely opening in sad retrospect in some nondescript hotel room in Hamburg - a location that could be strongly related to the start of a completely new story.

Coming close

The laundrette is always a stretto.


For a long time I've contemplated writing a declaration of love to Stefan Knecht for his crass but involuntary disruptions to the mannerisms of Peter Praschl over at the Sofa Blogger. Now that Knecht has ultimately turned to simply copying Spiegel Online's everyday headlines he's forfeited my love.

(Although I still belong to the few who sometimes find Praschl's very own disruptions equally annoying.)


A beefsteak flanked by mixed salad with good olive oil, the usual Balsamico vinegar and sesame seed, bread, a glass of Chardonnay (or two), for dessert a baked apple filled with hazelnut and cherry jam. Haydn's string quartet cycle op. 54. My first Christmas Eve alone, not a failure at all.